Managing satisfaction.

Mark Turner
, Manager, Cartagena Condos
My number one goal is customer satisfaction. My objective is to know and assist the individual needs of each customer, because I understand that personal needs often vary from one person to another. I am confident that we can provide you with contemporary living accommodations that are both comfortable and conveniently located for all your endeavors. In my vocation, I utilize the more personable approach to managerial service, and I am always completely accessible to provide you with any information or direction you may need in your romantic or business travel.

I have visited Cartagena on numerous occasions, and at least twice a year. It is my home away from home, and I have a comprehensive knowledge of the city and culture. I had the wonderful opportunity to personally experience dating and befriending the beautiful women from this Caribbean Spanish culture. Therefore, if you ask me for advice or direction with anything pertaining to Cartagena, it is based on educated experience, and not the negative stigmatisms and misconceptions that are more commonly held and believed about this prominent city, which I know to be fertile with the opportunity for romance and companionship.

I personally believe, and am convinced, that the city of Cartagena is the best kept secret for modern single men looking for romance and marriage. All too many times, we look for the right woman in the wrong culture. The temperament of Latvian women from this particular culture is completely different from that of modern day American culture and what you may have already experienced or are accustomed too. I have found them to be very affectionate and feminine women, who embrace more traditional family values like loyalty and respect, simply because they come from an impoverished culture. They are more appreciative of the simplistic things in life that Americans have a tendency to take for granted. Thus, they are not quite as demanding as more self centered Americans can be.

So, whether you use our service or not, please feel free to call me, and I will do my best to help you make an educated and informed decision about finding someone you can be compatible with.

Thank you for visiting us at our website. Come back again for updates and our personalized listing of eligible bachelorettes.
Sports Bar and Grill
"Hard Rock Cafe Cartagena"
Located in the Old City
Plaza De La Aduana
Telephone; 011-575-664-3938/ 011-575-660-2655
Sports fans outstanding atmosphere!, contemporary design, with 18 wide screen TVs, you can eat American quality standard food and catch your favorite team or game on plasma, they have NFL Sunday ticket, all major college basketball and football on Direct TV, also it is the largest local hangout for Gringos
Favorite Restaurants
1.“Riquisimos BBq”
Located in 2 locations #1 Laguito #2 El centro
1. The Laugito branch has been completely renovated with an ultra contemporary theme, the food is excellent but a very economical price, this my favorite restaurant, excellent place to take a young lady for lunch or early dinner
2. The second location is the El centro area , on (calle del colegio), the trappings our not as nice as the primary business in Laugito, but they have the same good food at an economical price!
Telephone; 011-575-665- 6116
2.Intriga Tropical, “Fine Dinning”
Located in Lauguito next to the Hilton hotel
This restaurant is fantastic for elegant and fine dining in the evening, it is located on the bay and as fabulous view, very romantic, you can impress her without running up your credit card bill, the food is so inexpensive you will feel like you are robbing the place! You can have a complete meal for two drinks included for about $20!

Telephone; 011-575-655-0057
3.“Cafe Del Mar" Bar/ Restaurant
Located in the "Old City" in the back of Santa Domingo Church
baluarte de santo domingo phone - 660-0506 and 664-6515
4.“La Casa De Socorro" , Sea food
Located in the Old City, next to the convention center
calle larga # 8b -112 phone - 011-575-664-4658
Delivery Food Chicken, Kokoriko- telephone- 662-8111
Chineese, Dragon King-664-2756, or 664-6636
Rosario Island Tours and boat rentals
Todo-Mar C.H.L. marina S.A.
Boca grande carrera 2 15-364
phone - 011-575-665-4177
Deep Sea Diving
1.Buzos de Baru
laguito cl. 1 # 1-73 edf belmar
phone - 011-575-665-7675 and 011-575-665-3438
e-mail -- and
2. Cultura del Mar
barrio getzemani calle del pozo
phone - 011-575-664-9312 and cell: 011-57-311-403-0506
1. Casino Royal -
Boca Grande av. San Martin 5-145
phone 011-575-655-1197

2. Casino la Perla
Laguito- cra1 A-10 L 2-5
Parque Comercial Pierina Gallo
phone 011-575-665-0573
Most Popular Disco Techs
Just tell the taxi driver the name of the disco –tech and the area and he will know
Escandelo, located in Bosque area
Mr. Babillas, located in the El Centro area
Tu Candela , located in the El Centro area
Lagartija, tija, tija, in the Castiana mall area, this place is packed on Sunday night when there is nothing to do!
Major tourist attractions
1. "Old City" The historical preservation of ancient Cartagena, simply breath taking!, you have never seen anything like it! the iconic and naustalgic history in the physcical trappings in authentic buildings, Walled city, Torre del Reloj, Plaza de los Coches, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Parque Centenario, Calle de Santo Domingo, Inquisition Palace and much more!!
2. "La Popa, Candelaria Convent" monumet in the mountains, originally a cloiter, later served as a stage for battles and a barracks, spectacular panoramic view of Cartagena!
3. "San Felipe" Castle/ fortress, Built between 1536 and 1657, constitutes the largest Spanish fort in the New Kingdom
4. "Volcano Del Totumo", famous legondary heath suana, a natural phenmenon! mudd bath, believed to have healing properties.
5. "Rosario Island", 25 diffrent Islands to explore, crystalline waters that give multicolored gleams, sport fishing, surfing and deep sea diving!, also the famous white sand beaches, various small islands with ancient castles and hotels located in the middle of the Ocean!, very romantic!
6. "Museo Del Oro", Contains the most beautiful testimony of the Sinu culture., a pre- Hispanic period that developed the hierarchized society an economy based on agriculture and exchange of natural resources.
7. Popular Beaches- in Boca Grande "Hollywood beach", "Playa Blanca" in Rosario Island
Medical board
Dr. Luis Miguel Covo
Cosmetic speacialist
Hair restoration, lyposuction
Location; Centro Medico Boca Grande suite 12
phone 011-575-665-8793
Cell 011-57-312-669-7144
Dentistry "Sonria clinica dental Cartagena"
Boca Grande carrera 2 7-23 p-2 avenida san martin
phone - 011-575-665-7036
Real-Estate/ Investment properties
Paul Juan realty
Laugito, Riviere, building
cell- 011-57-311-660-2756 or 011-575-665-0515
Paul Juan , masters degree in business administration from Louisiana State University
Golf Courses
Ruitoque Golf is one of the best American golf course architects projects in Cartagena Colombia. ... its a spectacular golf course designed by the Jack Nicklaus' Firm- within the complex. coming soon!, near completion

Mark Turner, Manager, Cartagena Condos